Ian Graham

creative director writer voiceover content strategist

Ian Graham

creative director writer voiceover content strategist

Nature Made Vitamins

You don't need to take vitamins every day to be healthy. They can help but, honestly, you're pretty great already.


Turns out CEOs, CIOs, and even I.T. geeks are human beings with a sense of humor. Crazy, right?

Clif Bar

Clif's site was like an octogenarian riding a penny farthing in Le Tour. So, we got him a Schwinn. It's a start.


Yellow Pages were yellow paper books people used to find local businesses. Add .com and you get the picture.

Sun Edison Solar

An out-of-home campaign for a solar company? Not funny. A naked roof and talking appliances? Funny.

Seed Matters

Farm to table? Pfft. So 2015. How about SEED, farm, table? Yeah, we went there. You're welcome, organic.

AMPM Stores

Research showed that "c-store aficionados" seek out hot food, nacho bars, and multiple soft drink nozzles.

Siemens Appliances

Germans are known for two things – their engineering and their sense of humor. But mostly their engineering.

MGM Mirage Casinos

When you own most of the casinos on The Strip do you really need a print campaign? Yes. Because, well, Vegas.

Clif Mojo

According The CPG Bible, when launching a product, you must show the product, ingredients, and the word "new".

Linksys Wi-Fi

The guy from The Way Back and the Russian from the Sopranos in TV spots. Everyone has to start somewhere.

SS Jeremiah O'Brien

Just your typical out-of-home campaign for a WWII ship that'll take you for a cruise under the Golden Gate Bridge.

Point Loma Outfitting

They say a boat is a hole in the water you pour money into. Unfortunately, so is creating a sailing store brand.

Wild Bean Cafe

What every BP gas station needs – made-to-order(ish) food that's better than 7-Eleven or a Taco Bell drive-thru.

SUSHI: A Center for the Urban Arts

What do you do when it's called Sushi and everyone thinks it's a sushi bar? You design a fly into the logo.

Seaport Village

San Diego's tourist trap the in-laws visit when they come to town. And a place to buy them gifts when they don't.

Golden Gate Fields Horse Racing

Odds are that going to the horse track is way better than a whole bunch of other stuff the Bay Area is known for.

Shmaltz Brewing

Yes, He'brew is a real beer brand. Yes, these are real bar posters. And, yes, we got paid in beer. L'Chaim.


Creating a successful beauty brand means embracing your inner woman. Even when most of the team is guys.

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